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“Invalid service definition or service configuration” when accessing a Windows Azure role definition.

This happened to me recently, when accessing roles configured inside one of my project after adding a new Worker role into it. It then has automatically something to do with this, but I did this operation a lot of times… Then Is remebered that I did had some extra Nestwork configuration inside of on of

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How to deal with different environments in Windows Azure

Hi everyone, For those of you who are working with Windows Azure and looking for flexibility in their different environments, here are a couple of points I have been using during my projects to help being flexible and fast. Web.config transformations: Since Visual Studio 2010, one can use XML transformations on web.config, to help getting

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Silverlight Firestarter

After Bob Muglia’s interview by Marie Joe Foley, the Silverlight community has gone though some sort of drama on the future of Silverlight. An event that will happen tonight to cover new stuff coming is the Silverlight topic. Click on Scott (gently!) to get you to the event, that will take place 6pm our time.

jQuery Templates and Data Linking

For those of you who knows about Binding in .NET with Databinding in Winforms and ASP.NET, You should have been waiting like me for such a powerful thing as in WPF with its Dual Way Binding for web apps… Don’t wait anymore! The templating jQuery plugin allows already Javascript objects templates in HTML, but now there’s a new

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Internet Explorer 9 preview

On the second day of MIX in Las Vegas, Microsoft (with the announcement on the first day of Windows 7 Phone Development Toolkit and Silverlight 4 RC), has gone for the announcement of the preview of Internet Explorer 9, with new cool things for our web developer friends, have a look yourself on this table: When

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Javascript and Ajax controls for your Web projects

On, you’ll find a resourceful list of JavaScript controls, based on Javascript frameworks like Mootools, jQuery, Scriptaculous or Prototype, you’ll find many controls only using JavaScript, but also controls related to a specific technology (asp. NET, Php …) to match your needs. All controls are also tagged to allow a precise search for the type

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